Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas is around the corner !!!

I know I know, I have been slacking in updating this blog. Vacation in Florida seems to drag all the way back to Minnesota. It was a wonderful vacation minus a car flat tire (I'll talk about it later).

As soon as we got out of the airport, it smelt like Indonesia, hot and humid have distinctive smell. We were sweating and it was a rainy day too. There were many bugs around, restaurants were moldy. I have to say Florida is a nice place for vacation but I don't think it's a place I would prefer to live.

We had great time playing in a pool in the Time-share we stayed at, Disney World, Sea World, and Clear Water beach. It's my first time in a disney world. If I am asked to put the list that I enjoyed the most I would say Clear Water beach, Sea World, then Disney World.

On the way to the Clear Water beach we got a flat tire. It almost ruined our vacation. We got it taken care and interestingly we noticed more than 10 cars had flat tire on the way to beach and back. When I called my insurance agent about the flat tire the first thing he said was he noticed many flat tire when he went to Florida. My theory (joke) is there is a conspiracy between the Department of Transportation and towing companies in Florida. So if you ever consider going to Florida make sure you are prepared for flat tire.

Anyway, christmas is around the corner. When I grew up in my school/church (school is part of church) there were so much going on prior to christmas, starting in november. There were so much excitements and activities. Everyday students were practicing for dancing, singing, decorating, etc. The church was so busy with people running around all the time but they were all so joyful and lots of spirit. I loved walking around the school/church and watched people preparing and I also voluntered myself. Often times I made false excuse to my teachers to skip classes for singing practice which I was not involved in for example (not a good example is it :)). So it was also a great time to goof around. There were many services. I went to about 8 services, starting from kindergarden, 2 for elementary school, 1 for junior high, 1 for senior high, 1 for church youth, 1 for church young adult, and 1 for church adult/general. They were all different and every christmas was a blast. On christmas eve went around the town, going house to house caroling from 6 until midnight. Usually we lost our voice the next day. Gift was not really part of it, as a matter of fact I never knew gift was part of christmas. But those years were my best christmas. Perhaps because I was brought up differently. I just think people should not be sad because his/her gift is not as good as what they expect. It becomes "what you are going to get for christmas". I hope everyone will simply enjoy christmas no matter what they get and think about the spiritual part of it, the birth of Jesus as the best gift.