Friday, March 14, 2008

Phew... glad Feb is over

Annika's three birthdays in the row were cancelled because she was sick. Feb has always been a bad month in Minnesota, many people get sick. Last Feb was particularly the worst one in our family, not just about for Annika.

First, our garage door broke down early Feb when it was so cold, sub zero Fahrenheit. The bearings inside the garage door rollers were rusty which made the garage door harder to move. The garage opener had a hard time opening or closing the door. Shortly after that the garage opener completely didn't even move the door. I opened the garage opener box and found out the gear was broken. Fortunately I could find parts from Ebay, and also ordered a set of rollers (10 of them). The installation was particularly challenging in the cold weather. It was time consumming because it involved taking the motor apart and assembled all the parts together after replacing the gear. In the process I accidentally broke the RPM sensor (a sensor to measure the speed of the motor). I went back to Ebay and ordered the part. Two weeks later I got the new set rollers and got them installed. One thing I learned about installing those rollers, it has to be done by at least 2 people because the garage door is spring loaded with high tension, the door is heavy, and the cables that balance the door easily come out of their wrapper when you install the bottom rollers (which attached to the spring). Fortunately I could find my neighbor to help me out, I almost messed it up, not to mention seriously injured myself.

Secondly, our basement got flooded. The sewer line was clogged and at night when the water softerner degenerated the water flooded the floor. I found out early in the morning and we had to do a lot of clean up and removing some carpet.

Third, the next day after the flood I got bronchitis infection and the entire family got sick and ruined Annika's 5th birthday.

I am so glad Feb is over, pheww...... It makes you thankful when nothing goes wrong.