Sunday, February 17, 2008

Monthly Blog

It looks like I only updated my blog on monthly basis. Here I am, with heavy heart, updating my blog .... (joking).

Perhaps I should say something about my children this time. Tara is starting to be more active in speaking, mostly in baby language. Fortunately we have Annika to interpret Tara's words or sentences that my wife and I do not understand. It's funny how it works. Tara loves to dress up, making goofy faces, and wearing things on her body that look "ridiculous" and she knows when she gets attention and she will go around the house showing everyone.

Annika is "maturing", lots of reasoning everything she is observing. Last October when we were above the clouds on the way to Orlando, she asked why she couldn't see God. We are constantly bombarded by sentences begin with "why". Every night I pray that my children will be godly women since they were born, more godly than myself. I believe if I pray hard enough God will listen.

Recently I have been getting ready to visit Indonesia. I got my tickets, leaving on March 31 evening and back on April 25th. In the last trip I didn't realize how much I missed people, places, food, and many different things until I arrived there. I have so many relatives, more than 60 first cousins, former classmates that still keep in touch, friends, and old teachers. I grew up with most of them, including many friends since kindergarten. We had tears because we laughed so hard every time we talked about our past. It was just so many stories. I'll try to update this blog about this trip as much as I could access internet in Indonesia. So stay tuned .......