Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hometown experience: part 3: Saksang

After going through my pictures I realized I forgot to include my hometown "trademark" food, call "Saksang", see the pictures in this page. I don't know about Americans, but Indonesians love it. The main course of the meal is pork, butchered on the same day, fresh meat indeed. The blood is carefully collected by stabbing a pig's neck during butchering, used as the main sauce, see the brown sauce in the picture. It takes a strong man to hold on to a pig alive while other person is collecting the blood. Every part of the body of a pig is prepared for food, nothing get wasted, literally nothing get wasted. The meat is marinated with blood and other seasoning then smoked. Additional vegetable and soup are served as well. Hmm... yummy......

Saksang is only available during lunch time and may not be available if you don't show up early. Since the meat has to be fresh they do not serve leftover meat. When it is gone they are not going to butcher another pig, it takes too long to prepare. They don't want to butcher too many pigs early morning either, too costly to throw away leftover meat when there is not enough customers on a given day. The idea of "business hours" doesn't mean anything to a Saksang restaurant.